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About Us

Emerge from Within is a Somatic Healing Initiative providing 1:1 and group somatic healing sessions. Alyssa is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and somatic healing coach. Services include breathwork, somatic coaching, or a mixture of both.

Soma • the body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche.
When you can get into an embodied state, you can quiet your mind, and extract any wisdom the body has for you.

Breathwork is just working with the breath; it is utilizing the conscious breath to bring calm and stillness back into our lives. It can simply be used to create a connection with the body and help to regulate the nervous system. It is also a powerful healing modality, by going on a deeper and longer journey we can release stored emotionality and trauma that has been held within the system.


What is breathwork?
 Alyssa will guide you to drop into the body, connect with the breath, and find relaxation.
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