Billings University Football



About Us

Billings University Mission

Billings University's mission is to oversee competition in a safe, fair, equitable, sportsmanlike manner and incorporate all eligible college students. This mission will support the education, social, and community experience of the students to increase their probability of graduation.

Core Values: F A I R

F-Family (God, Immediate Family, Extended Family)

Billings University Goals

The goal of Billings University is to improve ALL eligible college students' experience by involving ALL students in a program that allows them to participate as a participant or spectators.

Billings University goals:

Provide a fall semester event that all students can be involved in.

Increase local college students? involvement in the community.

Provide a better college experience for all students.

Increase local college enrollments.

Increase student housing involvement.

Build the infrastructure for a community track/soccer/multi-use field.

In 2023, due to the absence of NCAA-Division III, D-II, and junior college football programs in the state of Montana, Billings University was formed to create options, opportunities, and education for student-athletes. All Billings University football players are students at Montana State University Billings, City College, or approved universities.

Billings University will schedule NCAA-DIII schools with larger rosters. These schools often carry between 120-140 players on their rosters, and we will play some as JV games, or programs that need a varsity game to fill their regular season schedule. Billings University will also schedule NAIA games with teams that have JVs or are in need of a Varsity filler. Billings University also has many game options with like-minded independent teams in Idaho, Washington, Utah, and Arizona