Professional Land Surveyor PLS

Posted: 06/12/2024

WWC Billings has an immediate opening for a Professional Land Surveyor.  This challenging position will perform field tasks necessary to complete various types of land surveys, as well as office tasks necessary for the completion and certification of survey projects. 
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Land Surveying or Civil Engineering preferred.  Professional licensure as a Land Surveyor in the state of Montana or the ability to become licensed in state of Montana within three months of hire.

  • Executes land surveys to establish legal boundaries of property.
  • Research historical maps and land records, including previous surveys and boundary lines.
  • Prepares and maintains data, plots, records, documents, legal descriptions, sketches, maps, and reports related to land surveys.
  • Records all survey results, including dimensions of land or land features, location, contour, shape, and elevation.
  • Interprets survey data and prepares calculations to determine shapes, positions, and elevations.
  • Uses satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS), total stations, levels, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), sonar and scanners to collect and record data to create reports and maps containing information from field measurements.
  • Collaborates with engineering staff, clients, and other invested individuals to review and coordinate findings.
  • Responsible for tracking survey equipment inventory, handling minor adjustments and necessary repairs. Communicate repair cost to branch managers.
  • Maintains knowledge and understanding of federal, state, and local surveying laws; rules, regulations, and county ordinances; and policies, procedures, and best practices relative to land surveying.
  • Supervise survey technician project work and oversee communication to project managers.
  • Responsible for data collection on engineering projects. Coordinate and train technicians or engineers in data collection survey methods, schedule, and delegation of workload.
  • Able to operate a motor vehicle, ATV/UTV, and have a valid driver’s license.

Compensation:  $75,000-$95,000